CU*Answers Adds Teller Posting Shortcuts to CU*BASE

According to the CU*BASE 10.0 Software Upgrade Release document, CU*Answers programmers have been hard at work not only adding visual enhancements to frequently used screens, but creating a series of teller posting aids and shortcuts making the special features stand out.

These additions include:

  • Proc Code Lookup Now Available – Next to the Proc Code field on the Teller screen, there is now a Proc Code lookup to help credit union staff find those less frequently used Process Codes right when needed.
  • Access to Phone Operator Directly from Within Main Teller Posting – Phone Operator can now be accessed from the Main Teller Posting screen with a keystroke.  The new F18-Phone Operator function can be used to see if a check has cleared, to place a stop payment, and more.
  • Calculate Cash Back – A new, blue “Calculate Cash Back” button makes it more obvious how to calculate cash back for a member.
  • Toggle Nicknames button – A new nickname button now toggles between the standard account name and the member’s chosen nickname for the account.
  • Click for Procedures button – Just as on the Inquiry and Phone Operator screens, the new red Procedures button is available to list the procedures for Membership Designation, instead of the previous less-noticeable light bulb graphic.
  • Member Name Now in Larger Font – Again, as on the Inquiry and Phone Operator screens, the name is more prominent, and if there is a designation on the account, this will appear in smaller font below.

For more information on these changes, and other upgrades included in the 10.0 Release access,

Download Press Release