CU*Answers Accounting Team Offers Unique Invoice Tool

CU*Answers, the 100% credit union-owned data processor, recently re-iterated that its Accounting Team website is receiving excellent reviews. The site was built to provide clients with a detailed description of every invoice line item, as well as instructions on how to reconcile the invoice to the core platform.

They said a primary goal in providing this Accounting site is to allow clients to verify pricing questions, and also explain CU*Answers overall pricing philosophy. They added a link that explains how a client may set-up and pay their invoice via ACH monthly, and included another link that provides CU*Answers Quarterly Financial updates.

CU*Answers said it had provided this site to be a helpful tool for clients who have questions on their invoices. They added that the site was designed with the client in mind, and hopes it to be a unique and useful information tool. They emphasized that for items generated via CU*BASE®, clients will even be able to find detailed instructions on how to reconcile those items to data on the core platform.

They concluded by stating that in addition to all the information a credit union can find on each billing code, it has also provided its clients with quick access to all related CU*Answers Pricing Guides, information on making their payments to CU*Answers via ACH, and a news section where clients may keep up to date on any accounting specific changes. Their goal is to continue to add more information to the site, and making each client’s invoice reconciliation an easier job.