Collections Roundtable Series Announced

As part of its on-going Collections Round Table Group, CU*Answers has announced its upcoming calendar for offering these quarterly offerings. Remaining dates for this year include August 23rd and November 17th.

Held at corporate offices, CU*Answers stated that the Collections Roundtable provides credit unions an open forum discussion with experts and peers regarding issues as pertaining to collections laws, internal procedures, data processing strategies and other related topics. They added that each of these sessions are provided free for credit union’s utilizing the CU*BASE processing system.

In announcing its remaining 2011 calendar, CU*Answers state its Collections team of experts has nearly 7 decades of combined experience, having working in the consumer collection industry for both credit unions and other financial institutions. They added the team has experience is all virtually all collections matters, including repossessions, legal matters, bankruptcy, foreclosures and asset disposition.

CU*Answers also said this Collections Roundtable represents one of several on-going client participation Focus Groups for which clients interact directly with CU*Answers for helping design future software solutions. CU*Answers concluded that additional information for this Collections Roundtable may be found on its website located at