Collections Roundtable Features Secret Service

The Collections Roundtable, held quarterly for CU*Answers clients at their Grand Rapids location is slated to have a speaker from the Secret Service in their November session. This is a huge opportunity for the Roundtable, which is CU*Answers most attended open forum, to have such a prestigious speaker. The hope is to get a handle on what the trends are that are causing losses and collection issues in general and what the Secret Service’s part is in solving or preventing those issues.

The FBI is another agency that assists with fraud and other criminal offenses but they have made some change to their guidelines that leave holes as to what jurisdiction will handle what cases. By having the Secret Service in we hope to be able to clear up some of this holes in the processes and give the CU*Answer’s client base of over 170 Credit Unions across the nation, a path to follow should something happen and ways to prevent issues from happening.

Many people are not aware that the Secret Service is part of the treasury and therefore is capable and trained in financial issues and fraud prevention.

CU*Answers is a 100% client owed CUSO based out of Grand Rapids Michigan whose primary focus is on core data processing systems but their mantra is networking and this is a great way to get information to all clients