CU*Answers DHD Boot Camp still open for registration

There is still time to register for the new 2018 Developer’s Help Desk Boot Camp, hosted by CU*Answers, a 100% credit union-owned data processing CUSO. “The DHD Boot Camp is a hands-on Do It Yourself experience,” said Scott Page, DHD business manager. “Unique when compared to other executive boot camps, the DHD boot camp is […]

DHD business manager interviewed for Get Connected series

CU*Answers recently kicked of a new “Get Connected” webinar series aimed at educating clients about the key roles and individuals working for the 100% credit union-owned cooperative CUSO. Most recently, Scott Page, business manager of the new Developer’s Help Desk (DHD), was interviewed. During the session, Page described how the DHD is organized and is […]

DHD unveils categories for handling custom software projects

CU*Answers, the core data processing CUSO, has always had a Do-It-Together mentality for developing products and solutions, working with credit union partners to build cooperative solutions. With the recent creation of the Developer’s Help Desk (DHD), CU*Answers is ramping up its support for credit unions looking for DIY support. The Developer’s Help Desk provides a […]

Developer’s Help Desk Online Store Takes Focus

CU*Answers announced that its new Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) online store is open for business and has already started to secure client and vendor interest and early orders. The DHD currently features over 160 products and services, and is located within the CU*Answers Online Store. Scott Page, business development manager, said: “This represents the first […]

Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) at Leadership event

CU*Answers announced that its new Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) business initiative was prominently featured at its Leadership Conference, recently held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Scott Page, Business Development Manager said: “For many folks, this represented their first exposure to learning about our Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) initiative. We had multiple clients (and vendors!) approach us […]

CU*Answers DHD Initiative Taking Shape

CU*Answers announced that its new Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) business initiative is moving quickly ahead with its new online retail presence in full development and the CUSO’s first API catalog ready to be distributed by the June Leadership Conference. For nearly 50 years, CU*Answers has provided a collaborative, do-it-together model for credit unions to collectively […]