Building Trades Credit Union to Join CU*Answers

100% Credit Union-owned CUSO, CU*Answers, announced the recent signing of Building Trades Credit Union, located in Maple Grove, Minnesota to a new CU*BASE online processing agreement.     

CU*Answers said the credit union is set for a mid-May 2012 conversion date to CU*BASE, its core processing platform, and is projected to bring the number of credit unions processed through CU*Answers to over 160. CU*Answers added that in combination with its CU*Northwest and CU*SOUTH network partners, the total number of credit unions utilizing CU*BASE in either an online or in-house operating environment has now passed 185, with approximately 1.5 million members processed daily.

CU*Answers added that the number of credit unions nationally utilizing CU*BASE is expected to eclipse 200 during 2012, encompassing clients in over 25 states. CU*Answers concluded by stating that approximately 65% of its CU*BASE clients have now invested in CU*Answers Stock Ownership, with each credit union Owner maintaining an equal ownership share and full voting privileges.