Big Results from Annual Free Program

For several years, two CUSO Partners have been working together to drive leads for their credit union partners.  The two CUSOs – Xtend, Inc. and CU*Answers, Inc., both multi-owned cooperative CUSOs headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan – teamed up again this past year to offer free call campaigns to the nearly two hundred (200) credit unions in the network.  Following a ten-month long execution project, the results were released and once again validated that outbound member communication was a significant lead generator for credit unions across the board.

Xtend President Scott Collins commented on the recently-completed campaign calendar by stating, “This is the third year that CU*Answers has funded call campaigns for credit unions in our network, and my call center team reports indicate it was far and away the most successful year.  We had more participation than ever before – 79 credit unions.  Member conversations yielded an average lead rate of more than 23%, including several that exceeded a 50% lead rate.  And more of our credit unions selected campaigns designed to generate loan leads than in previous years.”  Collins concluded by thanking CU*Answers for sponsoring the 2012 Free Call Program once again.  “CU*Answers emphatically believes that outbound member communication is a vital component of a credit union business plan,” said Collins, “and I commend them for being willing to invest in lead generation on their owners’ behalf.”

The CUSOs also announced a 2013 Free Call Program to a group of more than five dozen credit union CEOs at a recent strategic planning conference.