Auto-generated Opt In/Opt Out Notices Added to CU*BASE

New with the 10.3 version of CU*BASE is the ability to automatically generate member notices when a member changes their Opt In/Opt Out status. This feature was made available to online processing credit unions October 17th, and will be available to self-processing clients as early as November 8th.

According to CU*Answers, now when a change is made to the member’s status a notice event will be triggered for that member, which is generated either by a member changing his or her status within It’s Me 247 online banking or by a credit union employee changing the status for the member in CU*BASE.

CU*Answers continued to say that sister CUSO Xtend has assisted with configuration in the past – though credit unions can edit requirements by following standard credit union practices outlined within the system.  CU*Answers has a booklet outlining Opt In/Opt Out Reg. E offerings for its clients, and it may be found by accessing

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