Audit Link Publishes 2nd ‘Network Compliance Teacher’

Audit Link, a division of Michigan based CUSO CU*Answers, has recently published its second edition of the Network Compliance Teacher. This magazine is a collaborative publication with articles that are co-authored by compliance professionals from credit unions within the CU*Answers client base. “The articles are written at the employee level with real life experiences as they pertain to specific regulations credit union personnel must follow,” said Jim Vilker, VP of Professional Services at CU*Answers. 

This edition features articles from a number of different credit unions from across the US and include such topics as working dormant accounts, evaluating and monitoring high risk accounts, and managing and monitoring employee accounts. The articles give real life experience from a practical level and then incorporate how regulations actually apply in these daily duties. “We try to hit every department within a credit union to give a wide range of experience across the spectrum of credit union operations,” said Vilker.  This latest edition was distributed to over 180 credit unions this month which will get to hands of over 4,200 credit union employees. The Network Compliance Teacher is published quarterly and also is available on the CU*Answers compliance site at