46 Employees to Participate in CU*Lose Weight Challenge

The CU*Answers CUSO, headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, has announced that 46 of its employees are registered to participate in a 12-week weight loss contest, dubbed the CU*Lose Weight Challenge.

Loosely based on NBC’s popular “The Biggest Loser” hit, participants will by vying for their chance to win prize money ($1,500 for 1st place, $750 for 2nd, and $250 for 3rd) by losing the highest percentage of body weight during the 12 week challenge.

“I am very excited for the kickoff of this challenge,” remarks Rachel King, Sales Administrator for CU*Answers, and organizer of the contest.  “We’ve recently formed a Healthy Workforce Committee at work, and wanted to do something big to get the ball rolling.  As a Group Fitness Instructor, motivating people to exercise and get healthy is something that I’m very passionate about, so organizing this event seemed like a logical thing to do,” she states. “We knew that there would be a level of interest for participating in the contest, but are pleasantly surprised that this many people in our company have decided to focus on getting healthy, the buzz and anticipation at our offices is tangible,” she continues.

According to the CUSO, in addition to the prize money put up by the company for the winners, there is also a team-based contest running concurrently.  Teams have the opportunity to win points by participating in mini-challenges, running/walking a local 5K race, even given credit for individual cardio or weight training sessions.

“I envisioned the CU*Lose Weight Challenge not just as motivation for employees to lose weight, but also as a relationship building exercise,” states King.  “Some participants are signed up just to get in the routine of improving their lifestyle and physical fitness.  The format is designed so that involvement is rewarded based on making healthy choices, with a team to serve as support system and motivational driver.”

The teams will win weekly prizes based on point total, and compete to win the pot of registration money that was put up by all participants (total of $1,150).

The CU*Lose Weight Challenge is scheduled to kick-off March 1st.

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