OLLE (OnLine Lead Engine) is a contest generation software designed to engage your digital audience and convert their survey responses into leads for credit union users. The software provides a platform for three contest solutions, including photo contests, video contests, and survey contests. OLLE incentivizes members to tell you about their financial needs and can even direct them to loan applications, allowing members to interact positively with your credit union and the surrounding member community.

Cooperative CUSO Xtend’s campaign team recently managed an OLLE contest on behalf of Michigan Legacy Credit Union (MLCU) focusing on older adult financial exploitations. With older adult financial exploitation on the rise, MLCU partnered with Xtend to gather information to determine their members’ risk levels.

“Michigan Legacy loves using OLLE Contests,” said Michigan Legacy CEO Carma Peters. “In April, we launched our new Financial Exploitation Pilot Program with Wayne State University’s Institute of Gerontology; the credit union had over a 10% click through rate with members to take a Financial Vulnerability Survey. The OLLE Contest was instrumental in allowing us to identify members at moderate and high risk for financial exploitation. We have used OLLE for loan campaigns, new membership campaigns, credit card campaigns. It’s an easy tool for every credit union to use and see increased loan and account activity by utilizing.”

MLCU has run four OLLE contests this fiscal year earning 7,146 views in total with more planned contests on the horizon. To learn more about OLLE visit Xtend’s website.