Interest in Xtend’s Scorecard products has increased during the COVID-19 period, with eight scorecards completed between May and June. Most popular is the Xtend Call Center scorecard, which analyze credit union phone interactions with members. The Xtend team reviews “wrap up” codes in the CU*BASE® core processing platform, which are used at the end of a phone call to summarize the interaction.

For DC Credit Union ($68M) had over 14,900 phone interactions between January and May 2020 analyzed. Reviewing these interactions enabled Xtend to see which members called the credit union and more importantly, why they called the credit union during this time. With Xtend’s findings, DC Credit Union plans to change the way they use CU*BASE.

“It’s interesting to see how these unexpected events impacted credit union members and how they changed their way of interacting with the credit union,” said Sarah Ashby of Xtend Data Analytics. “With phones being one of the more popular front lines during this time, credit unions’ best hopes of evaluating what their members needed most is ensuring they used the technology at hand. Wrap Up codes are one of the best ways to see what members wanted most, and how they reached out for it.”