Xtend, a Grand Rapids, MI-based CUSO, announced its new AI program focused on internal Contact Center learning. The program has already earned out for the shared resources CUSO. Xtend added an AI focus in the Contact Center in 2018, and has since utilized learning initiatives to drive volumes, adapt training and education programs and structure staff to drive the numbers in the right direction for the firm.

“I’d like to say we knew the focus on AI in the Contact Center would get us to where we are today when we started,” CEO Liz Winninger said, “but the truth is, we were humbled by what we learned and what we thought we knew. Putting the findings into action, and revisiting the numbers consistently helped, but more than anything, as a team we made it part of our daily language and that’s where we really found the value in AI.”

Xtend’s Contact Center assists over 70 credit unions by offering a variety of products and services.