Xtend introduces new webchat platform Bold 360

Cooperative CUSO Xtend recently announced that its new webchat platform, Bold 360, has been fully integrated for all webchat clients, replacing the old platform. Bold 360 offers enhanced webchat buttons that allow easy configuration for both credit union website and It’s Me 247 online banking pages. Webchats initiated within online banking generate as a secure chat, and Xtend Contact Center’s agents can help the member with questions regarding their account. With webchats that are generated through any public facing pages, the CUSO assists with website navigation and general information.

Xtend is also beta testing new capabilities available through Bold 360 that will allow credit unions to support chats internally, rather than being solely managed by Xtend. “This is an exciting feature that will allow credit unions the ability to answer webchats internally, with Xtend stepping in for overflow support when needed,” said Xtend Contact Center Assistant Manager Bryce Weaver.

For more information on Xtend Contact Center solutions, visit the Xtend website.