Xtend Data Analytics launched Losing the Love for RVA Financial Federal Credit Union on March 4, 2021, making them the fourth client to launch the service with Xtend since October 2020. Xtend has also recently launched this marketing program for TruChoice Federal Credit Union, KALSEE Credit Union, and River Valley Credit Union.

Losing the Love is a program that focuses on improving member retention and engagement, with a total of ten topics that focus on self-service usage, sub-account closure rates, card usage, and more. Xtend harnesses the power of data to reach out to disengaged members through emails and surveys, allowing credit unions to recapture the love of their members before they are gone.

“Seeing Losing the Love expand these last five months has been unsurprising as we see credit unions and their members start to rebound from the pandemic,” said Sarah Ashby, data analyst. “Losing the Love focuses on improving member engagement, and we’ve seen members disengage for a multitude of reasons since things changed drastically for the world last year. I’m excited to see more credit unions focus on retaining and improving their current member relationships in 2021 and beyond through our service and look forward to being a part of the big picture.”

Both products are currently available on the Xtend website. Contact the Xtend Team at info@xtendcu.com or 800-327-3478 for more information.