Xtend Data Analytics assisted in the configuration, implementation, and training of wrap up codes for Total Community Credit Union through its new Wrap Up Code Consultation service. This is the first credit union to take full advantage of the service with Xtend.

The entire service takes two weeks to implement, and then the results are first studied one month after the credit union launches the wrap up code toolset. Wrap Up Code consultations start with a meeting to discuss what configurations are needed. From here, Xtend Data Analytics configures all wrap up code related items and creates helpful documentation, making it easier for staff to learn and understand how to utilize wrap up codes. Finally, a training is hosted with any required credit union employees to demonstrate how to enter and track wrap up code usage, and a Call Center Scorecard is generated.

Wrap up code data allows credit unions to study why their members call and what separates their callers from the average credit union member. This toolset is free to set up and use in CU*BASE.

The Wrap Up Code Consultation service is available in the Xtend Data Analytics store today.