Xtend Communications, along with Xtend Data Analytics, completed their quarterly recap of marketing campaigns that they have created and launched for credit unions. This recap utilized data from all credit unions who have worked with Xtend on a marketing campaign.

In the first quarter of 2021, Xtend has reached over 100,000 memberships through their RevGen campaign product. Xtend’s RevGen product also produced over 152,000 HTML emails, over 1,100 outbound phone calls, and over 72,000 online banking messages to members.

Some noticeable trends that Xtend discovered were a shift from promotional based marketing campaigns to more member-focused topics like self-services, building up savings accounts, and helping with dormancy or delinquency statuses. Marketing channels like phone calls were utilized less, while HTML emails and social posts increased. These changes are likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic influencing how credit unions have been operating and communicating with members.

This product is currently available on the Xtend website. Contact the Xtend Team at info@xtendcu.com or 800-327-3478 for more information.