Xtend’s Bookkeeping team announced record volumes in their stand-in days processed for credit unions during this holiday season. During the month of December, Xtend stood in for a total of 92 days for 27 credit unions, which is an increase from 69 days of stand-in for 25 credit unions in December 2018.

Xtend’s stand-in services are providing credit unions relief when coverage is needed for back-office services such unexpected absences, severe weather, power outages, maternity leave and even holidays. These services include working share drafts, ACH processing and ACH exceptions. Many of those credit unions include Xtend in their business contingency plan.

“It is exciting to see credit unions utilize this service during the holidays allowing employees more time with their family,” said Danielle O’Connor, Xtend VP of Accounting. “We look forward to building more trust and respect with the credit unions teams as Xtend Bookkeeping moves forward.”