Xtend, Inc., the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based multi-owned cooperative CUSO, is excited to announce enhancements to their email platform. Xtend sends millions of emails annually for their 300 credit union clients. With the implementation of this new user-friendly platform, the approval process for email proofs is streamlined, increases effective communication among clients, and provides one source for viewing emails via multiple devices.

Already seeing the benefits of this investment in the process, Shelbey Phillips of Community West Credit Union said, “Love the use of the new system!” Xtend is optimistic about the advantages of this new platform and the value it will bring to their clients.

“Xtend is focused on enhancing our service offerings, while maintaining low cost solutions,” said Liz Winninger, Xtend CEO. “We identified an area where our processes could be replicated via technology at a low price point and enhance the value of the offering for our credit unions. In addition, credit unions will find this investment will save them time, provide cross team visibility and documentation, as well as offer our clients the ability to view communication as the member would.”