Xtend adds two new owners, fifteen in the past year

Xtend, a shared services CUSO, recently welcome Jefferson Credit Union, located in Alabama, and Limestone Credit Union, located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, as its news owners. Both credit unions have been clients of Xtend for several years, and long term supporters of the Xtend shared resource model.

“We are honored to add Jefferson Credit Union and Limestone Credit Union to our owner community,” said Liz Winninger, Xtend CEO. “Jennifer and her team at Limestone have always been one of our “up for anything” credit unions. The work they’ve done in their local community is a model for how credit unions can think differently about community involvement.”

Winninger added that “Mr. Morris and his team have helped shaped many of our products over the years by getting creative, rolling up their sleeves and building marketing, bookkeeping, and contact center service offerings alongside our team. The partnership with Jefferson is an example of how credit unions and CUSOs can work together to build offerings that benefit the greater community of CUSO clients and owners.”

Over the past year Xtend has added fifteen new owners to put the CUSO at 104 owners in total. The majority of the services offered by the CUSO are shared resource services, partnering with credit unions, CUSOs, cooperatives, and CDFIs to deliver expertise and people resources in the areas of bookkeeping, contact center, communications, marketing and mortgage servicing.