WESCO Net Web Services Receives 10,000th Update Request

WESCO Net Web Services, a leader in web design and hosting, announces they have received 10,000 requests in the last 3 years for web site updates. According to the Web Services Team, WESCO Net put in an automatic request tracking system to manage incoming web site update requests, and reached the 10,000th mark on March 25th, 2009.

Web Services has grown tremendously within the last 3 years, from hosting 40 credit union sites and the flagship corporate cuanswers.com, and today hosting over 120 web sites representing over 250 domain names. WESCO Net Web Services is also credited with an expanding fleet of corporate web properties, including the video training site OnDemand.cuanswers.com, and network retail site cuasterisk.com. Additionally, Web Services has also developed several web applications including Retailer Direct for online indirect loan origination and MicroLender for Pay Day Lending solutions.

According to David Damstra, Manager of Web Services, “We’re only starting to realize our full potential. In the last three years, we’ve doubled our staff, and greatly increased our capabilities and talent base. We’ve also recently expanded our hosting capacity for both web and email hosting with the addition of a new server in preparation for projects that are lined up for the 2009 year.”

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