WESCO Net Web Services Launched 60 Web Sites in 12 Months

WESCO Net Web Services, a leader in web design and hosting for the Credit Union Industry has launched more than 60 websites in the last 12 months.

This impressive count includes many different credit union sites, MicroLender Pay Day Loan origination sites, Retailer Direct origination sites, Prime Alliance Mortgage origination sites, custom Risk Management Report Generators and cuasterisk.com corporate sites.

According to WESCO Net, this is a record year for the Web Services department, with the most new development it has ever done.  The launch of these new sites is in addition to the regular website updates requested by its clients.

David Damstra, Manager of Web Service says, “This has been an exciting year for us, not only have we been able to launch more web sites than we ever have before, but we’ve also been able to expand our services into innovative web applications and the new Talent Source portals.  We look forward to next year being even bigger.”

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