WESCO Net to Expand on Its Operational Model

WESCO Net, a national managed-technology services firm in Grand Rapids, Michigan, announced major internal restructuring to create more streamlined operations, product portfolio expansion, and improved client services. “We are very excited about this move,” said Matt Sawtell, AVP of Managed Technology Services. “As our clients ask for more capabilities, we needed to respond in a fresh way to help them meet their business objectives. The market is changing rapidly and technology is becoming more commoditized. It is easier than ever to consume on demand. Businesses are realizing that investing in staff technology management doesn’t always make the most sense. With this new expectation, we have adjusted our support model to a pooled concept where specialized resources can more quickly be brought to bear.”

“Our business model has changed significantly in the last three years,” explains David Wordhouse, VP Network Technologies. “The old model created resource silos that didn’t allow us to respond to requests and opportunities at the speed we felt was necessary. This move, once complete, will better position our resources to more effectively respond to the changing market and leverage new technologies and markets we’ve not previously played in.”

WESCO Net offers a full range of managed technical solutions inclusive of local- and wide-area networks, wireless capabilities, network security, and customized application and cloud-based hosting with resources on demand. WESCO Net is a division of CU*Answers.