WESCO Net Receives SAS 70 Cert for Managed Services

WESCO Net, a Grand Rapids, MI-based leader in network integration and hosting services has received SAS 70 Type I certification for its Platinum Server Assurance, Firewall Management, and Managed Hosting services inclusive of their data centers.

According to WESCO Net, because of an environment of increasing regulatory scrutiny and NCUAmandated third party oversight requirements, it’s important for credit unions to be able to prove to auditors that their third party technology provider is fulfilling their contractual obligations in a secure, consistent, and effective manner. Matt Sawtell, CISSP and Manager of Managed Services for WESCO Net says “The NCUA is putting the oversight burden on the credit union, but they may not have the expertise to effectively manage how the partner delivers their services. We believe it is our responsibility to assist our clients and assume a portion of that oversight burden. The SAS 70 allows us to do just that.”

WESCO Net says they are preparing for a follow-on Type II examination with even more strict requirements to be completed within the next 18 months. The SAS 70 examination is one of four rolling independent examinations of WESCO Net including Network Security Assessment, External Penetration Assessment, and Internal Penetration Assessment. Copies of the SAS 70 examination are available upon request.

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