WESCO Net Provides Technology Asset Management

WESCO Net, a Grand Rapids, MI based leader in managed network services says their national management network provides comprehensive technology asset inventory and management services which can help credit unions save money, maintain compliance, and simplify disaster recovery efforts.

“Many credit unions are challenged because their networks have experienced organic growth over time and they don’t always have an understanding of what is happening at each PC, where bottlenecks are, or what software is deployed on given workstations,” says Matt Sawtell of WESCO Net. WESCO Net’s asset tracking solution, part of their Complete Care network management solution, provides credit unions with centralized on-demand reporting of all their technology assets.

According to WESCO Net, their asset tracking technology provides complete knowledge of every PC’s hardware configuration, performance, and software inventory. The significance is on three fronts: first it assists with compliance efforts because the credit union now has an understanding of every software component installed on a workstation. Unauthorized software can be removed which can increase network security. Second, this information is used to help credit unions plan their future technology investments by eliminating the guesswork and then projecting when a given workstation will reach a capacity threshold based on usage history. This information will help determine if a workstation is a candidate for an upgrade or replacement, and whether or not it could be redeployed within the enterprise. Finally, accurate asset management simplifies disaster recover planning as the credit union will always have an up to date workstation and server hardware and software inventory and will know exactly what they need to replace in the event of a disaster.

The asset management service is included in WESCO Net’s Complete Care network management solution at no additional cost.

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