WESCO Net Re-launches Latitude Portal

WESCO Net, a leader in network security consulting services for credit unions based in Grand Rapids, MI announces the launch of their upgraded Latitude Portal.

The improved Latitude Portal provides paperless forms clients can submit online. The new version includes: digital signature confirming authentication of submitted requests; immediate catalog of submissions; and ongoing tracking of client requests.

According to WESCO Net, credit unions will have a simpler time auditing because of Latitudes ongoing tracking of submissions. Latitude gives businesses the ability to present auditors with a complete list of all requests that came through without having to shuffle through archived emails and files. Documentation stored shows who requested them, what was requested, when it was completed and who at WESCO Net completed the change.

Matt Sawtell, CISSP, says, Latitude will be extremely helpful to credit unions. With a simple click, you can review all the changes completed for your company at any given period of time, saving you hours in auditing.

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