WESCO Net Deploys No-Charge Network Encryption and Automated Network Backup Services

WESCO Net, a Grand Rapids, MI-based leader in network integration and security services is deploying real-time network data encryption services and automated network backup solutions to users of CU*Answers’ CU*NextNET next-generation credit union MPLS communications network. These services are being deployed at no cost to CU*BASE clients.

CU*NextNET is a national, secure, IP-based network constructed with Qwest for credit unions on the CU*Answers CU*BASE platform. First deployed in 2007, WESCO Net is again undertaking significant end-to-end investment upgrades of the network including real-time encryption of all sensitive member data traversing the network. Data will be protected using AES-256 encryption technology; the strongest currently available FIPS-approved algorithm.

According to Fred Damstra, CCNP and Senior Network Engineer at WESCO Net, “It’s no surprise that auditors are looking with increasing scrutiny at how member data is protected. CU*NextNET is already extremely secure, but layering encryption technology on top of the other controls already in place ensure the privacy and integrity of member data.” Damstra continues “Auditors are going to love this.”

WESCO Net is also deploying a secure and fully-automatic Internet-based VPN backup solution for users of the CU*NextNET network. Previously, automated backup solutions had been limited to ISDN or other CU*NextNET MPLS circuits. The VPN solution will allow credit unions to reduce costs by leveraging existing Internet connections to backup their main circuit. Dynamic routing protocols will automatically detect failures of the main circuit and reroute traffic over the VPN within about fifteen seconds.

“This project is representative of the power of the CU*Answers CUSO,” says Dave Wordhouse, VP of Network Technology at WESCO Net. “By leveraging the scale of the CUSO, we are able to deploy a new state-of-the-art data security solution and a new automated business continuity solution across the network with no additional cost to our clients. In fact, many may be able to reduce costs with the new backup solution. We are really excited to deliver this value, especially in the current economic climate.”

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