WESCO Net Announces Beta Version of Virtual Branch

WESCO Net, a Grand Rapids, MI based provider of network technology solutions announces Virtual Branch, a beta version of their disaster recovery solution.

“We’re excited about the possibilities Virtual Branch has to offer,” says Matt Sawtell, CISSP. “By providing online credit unions the ability to stay open and operational even during a disaster, it would significantly cut down on RTO and RPO.”

WESCO Net’s Virtual Branch will offer online credit union clients the ability to securely connect back to their network for direct access to Data Processing services.  According to WESCO Net, Virtual Branch will provide businesses the flexibility to set up and log into their virtual credit union, which will be fully functional without a traditional infrastructure.  A major benefit of this is providing credit unions the ability to serve their membership even during a disaster, which will significantly reduce revenue loss, along with loss of member confidence associated with a disaster.

Additionally, Virtual Branch will be able to provide online credit unions access to other network resources, such as e-mail and critical files,  becoming more time and cost effective for businesses by not having to maintain a relationship through a traditional “brick and mortar” disaster recovery site.

WESCO Net expects a beta to run for a 60-day period. Following this, a complete version in full production will be made available to online credit union clients.

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