WESCO Net and Chatter Yak! Partner on Social Media Website

Recently WESCO Net, a leading network solutions integrator and division of CU*Answers, announced it has partnered with Chatter Yak! to host their new social media marketing website, ChatterYak.com. Chatter Yak!, a CUSO started by Vacationland FCU in Sandusky, OH; specializes in online and social marketing services such as Facebook and Twitter campaigns.

ChatterYak.com required a flexible solution that would grow with client demand. Security was also paramount due to the financial nature of the site. WESCO Net deployed a customized solution using their virtualized cloud environment—a solution scalable to meet client demand, capable of ramping up on demand to handle surges in traffic.

WESCO Net said that security is handled through the use of standard encryption technology, and layered network- and application-aware firewalls. “This environment will get Chatter Yak! the reliability and performance it needs to reach its clients and their customers,” says David Wordhouse, VP Network Technologies at WESCO Net.