WESCO Net Adds Interactive Intelligence Certifications

WESCO Net, a leader in network integration services, now has two on-staff developers certified with Interactive Intelligence Ind. (I3) for building customized VoIP solutions and applications using the I3 toolsets.

WESCO Net has been an Interactive Intelligence partner since 2006, and continues to maintain a staff of professionals certified on the platform. Interactive Intelligence is a leader in call center software and IP telephony solutions including automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), speech recognition, web collaboration, and much more.

“WESCO Net now has the capacity we need to develop custom-tailored VoIP-based systems and applications that our customers are demanding,” says Dave Wordhouse, VP Network Technology for WESCO Net. “The vast majority of IP-based telephony solutions on the market are closed systems that can’t be bent to fit the way our customers want to do business, especially in the call center. What makes the WESCO Net I3 solutions so compelling is it customizability. Our developers can engineer a system that works the way you need it to — from interactive voice response, speech recognition, custom call flows, web site integration, you name it, we can probably figure out a way to get it done.”

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