Web Services Team Deploys Two New Risk Management Sites

WESCO Net Web Services, in association with CU*Answers Audit Link, recently deployed two instances of its custom-built Risk Management Report Generator web site applications.

The Risk Management Report Generator is a tool which allows clients of the CU*Answers network (cuasterisk.com) to complete their due diligence on services and products purchased from these CUSOs.  The creation of the product stemmed from requirements set forth by the NCUA instruction to credit unions to perform due diligence on vendor relationships.  In addition to storing answers modeled after the questions posed by the NCUA, is also allows credit unions to keep vital contract information along with legal opinions associated with the correlating contracts.  This application is a collaborative effort for a community of clients to establish responses to the questions, and these responses are available to others to use or model their own responses after.

In addition to the pilot site built for CU*Answers, the Web Services team also deployed a similar version for eDOC Innovations.

Jim Vilker, VP Professional Services for CU*Answers describes it as a “full vendor management system for credit unions that partner with the cuasterisk.com network.  It allows credit unions to not only complete their due diligence electronically, but to also view how their peers completed the assessment.”

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