Voting Begins for New CU*NorthWest Board Member

CU*NorthWest stockholders have received their absentee ballots and voting has begun for an open seat on the CU*NorthWest Board of Directors.

The nomination process is complete and the board has approved two candidates for the election.  Both candidates are California credit union CEO’s.  They are running for a seat recently vacated prior to the end of the term.  This special election will bring the first California representative to the board.  Ballots are due December 19, 2012 and will be counted at the regularly scheduled Board meeting the following day.

The stockholders will vote in this special election and fill the seat for the remaining term.  Elections are usually held each year in June in conjunction with the CU*NorthWest annual meeting.  Two board seats are up for election each year with 2 year terms.

“One of our greatest assets at CU*NorthWest is our board of directors, and as a true cooperative this is essential to our value – it is what makes us different – just like credit unions” said CEO Greg Smith.  “It will be exciting for us to have our first California credit union represented in the boardroom as we grow our client base there.”