Virtual StrongBox, Inc. recently announced the release of its latest product – Organization Collaboration StrongBox. The technology eliminates the pain points in existing document exchange workflow and secure email products when exchanging files and data between the credit union and its members, businesses and external third parties. In June, three CU*Answers credit unions deployed the new secure document exchange platform, which takes less than a day to implement.

The “New Normal” has forever changed how members and non-members want to get documents to and from their trusted financial institution,” said Ron Daly, President & CEO of Virtual StrongBox. “The recent switch to contactless banking makes being able to work “digital” now more important than ever if you want to remain competitive.”

The Organization Collaboration StrongBox solves all the inbound paper problems digital members and credit unions face today. For example, the technology’s secure password-less exchange folders eliminate the cumbersome member registration process in secure email products and quickly get documents from members. Another example is the modernized user experience which capitalizes on digital technology and automatically builds tags and search words and phrases for the exchanged documents, so you don’t have to.

“Of all the tools I use, VSB’s secure collaboration strongbox is one of the easiest to use,” said Donna Pancoast, Manager Compliance Services at CrossState Credit Union Association. “Our clients have peace of mind that their documents exchanged with the Compliance Consulting Team are protected at all times. Now that our entire team is remote it’s a real godsend.”

To learn more about the Organization Collaboration StrongBox visit or call 704-817-4588.