Transaction pattern change management guide now available on the AuditLink Store

AuditLink, the audit and compliance division of CU*Answers, has developed a change management and data governance methodology for documenting configuration changes. The Transaction Pattern option within the Abnormal Activity Monitoring CU*BASE tool was designed to arm credit unions with a means to identify anomalous account activity daily. “When this new pattern recognition software is configured specific to a credit union’s membership, suspicious activity that is detected can be acted upon in a timely manner,” noted Marvin Johnson, AuditLink Team Manager. “But with any fraud monitoring tool, minimizing false positives is an important factor to consider in promoting an efficient and effective process.”

The Transaction Pattern Change Management & Data Governance booklet is now available on the AuditLink Store. The booklet describes the pattern configuration process from adjustment of default configurations to recordation and justification of changes. “We’ve even created templates to help facilitate the documentation and justification process to make things easier for our credit union partners,” said Johnson.

It is common for auditors and examiners to inquire about change management methodologies, so credit unions must have a way to justify configuration changes. The booklet and template were developed to help credit unions do just that.