Swans Test CU*Answers DR Plan (Really!)

CU*Answers, the West Michigan-based provider of CU*BASE core data processing services to more than 150 credit unions nationally, recently underwent unplanned testing of its disaster recovery support.  On Monday morning, May 24th a pair of swans collided with the power line supporting the CU*Answers data center, causing a brief power interruption.

According to the CUSO, this event resulted in a sudden loss of cooling capability due to air handlers affected by the outage.  Fortunately, back-up generators kicked in as procedures required and well-rehearsed staff performed necessary functions resulting in seamless support.  CU*Answers said that neither a single credit union client – nor a credit union member was aware of the incident.

The swans were seen later that day swimming on a neighboring pond, also appearing to have recovered nicely.