Xtend Data Analytics has completed their first ever online credit card analysis. South Bay Credit Union was the first to benefit from the service. This study aims to redefine the way credit unions understand the members that utilize (or don’t utilize) their credit cards. In this in-depth study, credit card account holders were divided into two groups: those who carry a balance (revolvers), and those who pay off their balance in full each month (transactors). The findings in this study continue to show that Xtend is getting to know credit union members on a deeper level, and providing detailed insight into how a credit union can communicate more effectively with their members through targeted segmentation.

“We were delighted with the analysis Sarah and Xtend completed on our credit card portfolio,” said Jennifer Oliver, CEO of South Bay. “The depth of information was very informative and helped us to prioritize strategies for improvement. The best part…Xtend is going to help us execute some of those strategies. Win-win-win.”