Servicer Edition proves to be a potential game changer for service organizations

CU*Answers, the Grand Rapids, Michigan based multi-owned cooperative CUSO, recently announced its Servicer Edition product suite can be effectively deployed in any CUSO or business that provides account servicing for its customers. Servicer Edition is the CUSO’s toolkit with a menu of supporting services that can be implemented by organizations of all sizes that provide mortgage and consumer loan processing/servicing, bookkeeping, retail financing, collection services or inbound/outbound call center services.

Scott Collins, EVP of National Sales and Marketplace Relationships for CU*Answers, says, “We believe that our Servicer Edition suite could be a perfect fit for any organization that performs account servicing tasks for their customers. It may be especially beneficial for FinTechs and CUSOs that currently provide a high level of customer service but are lacking effective tools to streamline workflows or analytics that could help them take their customer service to an even higher level. Many businesses may be reliant on spreadsheets and key personnel but looking for solutions to help them become a more effective and sustainable organization. We believe Servicer Edition can be a game changer for them.”

“Servicer Edition can bring both technology and human resources to bear for customer service-focused businesses,” Collins continues. “For example, a company that currently offers retail financing services may wish to add an online banking, mobile app, e-statements, e-alerts or even a document imaging strategies component. Or they may wish to add an inbound/outbound call center to expand their customer service model. Or they may simply be looking for a cloud services provider to help them more effectively manage their technology. Our Servicer Edition product suite could be plugged into any of these areas, and, in most cases may be done for fraction of the cost they might anticipate.”

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