River Valley Credit Union Joins eDOC Innovations CUSO

eDOC Innovations announced that River Valley Credit Union has purchased a stock interest in the nation’s only Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) based on electronic document strategies and management.  River Valley Credit Union is a long time client of eDOC Innovations, utilizing the e-document management solutions.  River Valley Credit Union joined the CUSO in November.

“We believe credit unions must invest in the industry.  Our investment in the eDOC CUSO is an investment in our self in that we have a proven partner that will continue to create the new technologies we desire.  We have been driving our e-Document strategy for several years, improving operational efficiencies and driving operating costs while we seek for new and innovative ways to service our members and create new opportunities to deepen our member relationship,” explains Janelle Higgison, CEO of River Valley Credit Union.  “We started working with eDOC over five years ago and through that time we have experienced how effective our partnership strategy is with the CUSO.  We expect the future to be bright for our credit union and our industry.  Consequently, owning part of the industry’s technology leader is a logical way to realize our competitive goals and our members’ service expectations.  Innovative thinking requires looking toward the future.”

Owners of the eDOC Innovations CUSO receive benefits through collaboration, innovation, risk management, cost effective products and services and profit sharing options with the opportunity to give input into the direction of future products and services offered by the organization.  eDOC Innovations continues to see expansion of its CUSO and ownership opportunities for credit unions which have strategically recognized the significance of their e-Document strategy and its impact in building the credit union’s business and its impact on long-term sustainability.

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