Record year for AuditLink’s daily log management

Fiscal 2021 was a record year of growth for daily log management (DLM) services provided by AuditLink, the audit and compliance division of CU*Answers. Marvin Johnson, AuditLink manager, reflected on this noting, “despite the extenuating challenges that we all experienced in 2020 into 2021, we added sixteen new clients during that time, and we are now in thirty-one states. Our mantra was ‘we’re not slowing down’ and to continue looking for opportunities to serve new credit union partners. In some instances, AuditLink stepped in to help credit unions fill compliance personnel gaps with everything we monitor on a daily basis.”

Review of BSA cash logs, dormant accounts, teller reversals, wire transfers, and file maintenance changes are among the areas monitored as components of the overall DLM offering. “Having an independent third-party review transactional activity fulfills a requirement that many credit unions may not have the capacity to meet on their own,” Johnson explained.

The AuditLink team is made up of nine practitioners with experience serving a diverse client base that spans coast to coast ranging in asset sizes between several million to hundreds of millions. With a dedicated team at work, their goal is to provide relief to clients so they can allocate more time to other important areas within their organization.