Online Banking Community Receives Redesign

Grand Rapids, MI – July 26th, 2011
CU*Answers says that earlier this year it made some exciting changes to its Online Banking Community (OBC) and the login page to It’s Me 247 Online Banking.

The CUSO says that the changes were designed to provide members with a friendlier, easier to use login page while providing credit unions with more flexibility over what their members see. The Online Banking community, referred to as ‘OBC’ is part of the It’s Me 247 site that provides members with detailed information on what can be done in online banking. Unlike It’s Me 247 online help, the OBC describes the various services right on the screen and lets members know how to get started. The redesign of the site includes the addition of banner ads to the login page that can direct members to a number of places, including the credit union’s website, and comes with a default package of 4 generic messages. For credit unions participating with the CU*OverDrive marketing program, these ads are updated per package details.

Additional information about the OBC Redesign can be found at, while other enhancements for It’s Me 247 can be found at