Online Balloting System Available With CU*BASE

Grand Rapids, MI – July 26th, 2011
CU*Answers recently announced for credit unions utilizing its CU*BASE processing system, a new online voting system that allows credit unions to set up simple ballots within CU*BASE and then allows members to vote online using the It’s Me 247 Online Banking system.

CU*Answers said this newest tool provides a simple, inexpensive way for credit unions to gather votes from members and take advantage of its Online Banking users to significantly increase participation in events such as Board elections or other happenings requiring membership feedback.

The CUSO elaborated, saying that members may complete the balloting process online after logging into the It’s Me 247 Online Banking system. The CUSO added that configurations are included to prevent a cast ballot from being changed after the active voting period has started, as well as controls to prevent members from voting more than one time.