New Cash Back Calculator Frontline Staff

Grand Rapids, MI – July 27th, 2011
CU*Answers announced that a new feature for credit unions utilizing the CU*BASE processing system allows tellers to simply click a “Deposit Calculator” button and CU*BASE will automatically calculate the appropriate dollar amount the teller needs to deposit in order to provide members their desired cash back amount.

CU*Answers said as an example, that if a member brings in a check for $465.30 and wants $26.50 back, staff simply enters the check amount, clicks the Deposit Calculator button, and enters the cash back amount. Then they just right click on a deposit field and select Paste to enter the remaining funds. Staff can also use the already existing Refresh Cash Back button instead of Enter for a final tabulation.

CU*Answers stated this feature is just one of many incorporated within its on-going CU*BASE Release strategies. They said they anticipated this new tool provided to the teller will reduce keystrokes and speed up the time for servicing a member.