NACUSO to Build Network of Industry Leaders

NACUSO declares intent to build a new network of credit union industry leaders! The NACUSO website has started taking registrations for NACUSO’s new Certification Program in partnership with Pepperdine University.
NACUSO’s intent to build a leadership community is clear when reading the proposed projects for the group:

Develop an Active NACUSO Network Leadership Community
In a few years, the graduates of this Certification Program will number well over a hundred credit union leaders. What kind of community will they be? What is the potential for this group to be an influential part of the NACUSO community? How will these leaders interact, be seen by their peers, and come to the forefront as leaders presenting new business offerings and opportunities for credit union members? This project is to outline and start a new and active community of business leaders. The class of October 2009 will set the foundation and set the ball rolling. If this project goes well, each subsequent class will add to the momentum and reap the benefits of being identified as a network business leader.

  1. Develop a plan to market this community and raise the credit union industry’s awareness of leaders who have completed this program.
  2. Develop a plan to aid NACUSO in attracting more participants to this program and raise the industry’s awareness of NACUSO’s role in encouraging new credit union business models.
  3. Develop a process to constantly be improving the Certification Program and add new resources to support the growing community of graduates.

When asked why he was excited to be part of this program Randy Karnes, CEO of CU*Answers responded, “Everyone talks about collaboration and finding new models to harness the power of today’s networked world, but this program seems to be one of the few that is about inspiring entrepreneurs within our industry to rethink how they build businesses and add new skills for the future. I wanted to be part of that, and make sure I am plugged into a new community of future designers of credit union operations and capabilities.”

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