NACUSO Partners with Pepperdine to Offer Collaboration Certification Program

NACUSO announces it will move forward on goals to inspire new credit union and CUSO business designs by kicking off it new certification program for Designing and Implementing Collaboration and Business Networks program, in partnership with Pepperdine University in October of this year.

The year-long certification program is scheduled to include classroom sessions, distant learning sessions, and group projects. NACUSO will host two classes per year starting in October and April of each year according to the registration site at Potential projects include opportunities to work with existing CUSOs, develop new leadership community contacts, and contribute to the development of new credit union business templates that NACUSO hopes will be the foundation of new solutions for the industry. Check out the projects under consideration today.

NACUSO CEO Tom Davis summed it up, “This program is more than a seminar or a feel good flyby on the old ideas about collaboration within our industry. This is a program designed to keep the participants engaged with the ideas, their peers, and working businesses that can inspire credit union and CUSO business leaders to find the action in all of this talk about the promise of collaborations and networked marketplaces. We intend to build and identify a new group of life-learners and innovators.”
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