MTG/IRSC has completed over 200 credit unions transitioning to Mobile 5.0

Mobile apps have become an increasingly important element of growth strategies for credit unions. With that, the Mobile Technologies Group (MTG)/IRSC Team of cooperative CUSO CU*Answers has recently completed transitioning over 200 credit unions to Mobile 5.0 which is our current annual version. Commenting on Mobile 5.0, Ken Vaugh, VP of MTG Product Design & Development said, “Mobile 5.0 is a huge milestone…more importantly, it sets the foundation for bigger and better things, so stay tuned. We’ve come a long way since Mobile 1. Recently we just passed our 2000th mobile deployment!”

Mobile App 5.0 gives members the option to personalize their accounts, includes a refreshed navigation, a new accounts dashboard, a new RDC process, and much more.