Mobile Web Banking Campaign Yields Results

Grand Rapids, MI – July 20th, 2011
CU*Answers recently announced its most recent Collaborative Marketing campaign had produced some very impressive results for 57 participating credit unions which featured promoting Mobile Web Banking services to credit union membership. CU*Answers said for credit unions participating in this campaign, it netted an overall increase of 27.22% in the number of members using Mobile Web Banking during the 2 month contest period, and as compared to the 2 previous months.

The CUSO also said that this collaborative development effort represents one of four Collaborative Marketing campaigns provided free to CU*BASE credit unions annually by providing all of the organization, design and graphical work for developing these campaigns. These pre-developed materials include 4-color lobby posters, statement inserts and more. The only cost for which a participating credit union is responsible for is the actual print and postage cost.

CU*Answers added that for each campaign, 50-125 credit unions normally participate. It said this combined volume significantly reduces the print related fees for each credit union. CU*Answers said it also purchases various gifts used for promoting each campaign to a credit union’s membership.