Mobile Web Banking Campaign Launched by CU*Answers

Grand Rapids, MI – May 19th, 2011
According to the West Michigan provider of CU*BASE data processing services, CU*Answers, its newest Collaborative Marketing Campaign is targeting credit union members using It’s Me 247 Mobile Web Banking during the months of April and May. CU*Answers re-iterated that as opposed to only being enrolled a single time, to win the grand prize of an Apple iPad, members can receive a contest entry each time they log in to use the services.

The CUSO also stated that this event represents just one of a series of Collaborative Marketing events sponsored by CU*Answers each year. These Collaborative campaigns are designed to help encourage member participation in a variety of CU services offered, and especially promoting various self-service products.

CU*Answers said that for each Collaborative campaign, the only credit union-incurred cost is for printing costs, which is shared between other participating credit unions, and that the CUSO absorbs all other costs as pertaining to Campaign organization, graphical brochure layout/ design and gift provided. They said that as based upon the success of these events, some credit unions have even elected to purchase additional gifts for their own membership, as based upon participation. CU*Answers also stated that its Mobile Web Banking service is provided free to every credit union utilizing the CU*BASE processing system.