Kalsee Credit Union has officially launched Losing the Love with Xtend Data Analytics as of January 6, 2021. Kalsee originally signed on for a special Losing the Love: Loans program in September 2020 and approached Xtend for the standard Losing the Love program only a few months later after seeing wins with the specialized loans program.

Losing the Love is a program that focuses on improving member retention and engagement with ten topics that focus on self-service usage, sub-account closure rates, card usage, and more. Xtend harnesses the power of data to reach out to disengaged members through HTML emails and surveys, allowing credit unions to recapture the love of their members before they are gone.

“Marketers are told all the time how Big Data is the answer to all our prayers,” said Carrie Boisonault of Kalsee Credit Union. “Well, I’ve rarely had anyone offer truly concrete tactics for leveraging it, at least not in my budget range. Xtend’s Losing the Love does that. The prospect of a program that analyzes member behavior and gives us a proactive opportunity to build on our potentially at-risk relationships is invaluable. And my department is just me and an intern currently. So having Xtend run this program for us, acting as an extension of my team, is truly gratifying and empowering.”

Both products are currently available on the Xtend website. Contact the Xtend Team at info@xtendcu.com or 800-327-3478 for more information.