Cooperative CUSO CU*Answers recently announced that Julie Gessner has joined the CU*Answers Sales team. Julie has over twenty-six years in the credit union field, starting her CU*Answers career as a member of the client services and education team. Having spent the majority of her career with CUSO partner Xtend, Julie was vital in developing Member Reach, an automated messaging program associated with CU*BASE Member Connect. Later responsible for managing the Call Center while at Xtend, Julie worked alongside CU*Answers programming teams to enhance CU*BASE tracker tools. Since 2013, CU*Answers has utilizing Julie’s expertise in the areas of strategic planning, leadership development, project management, data analytics and performance management in the area of inside sales.

As a member of the Sales Team, Julie will continue to develop plans that help credit unions design strategic approaches for excellence in the areas of operations and member service. She will do this by connecting credit union executives and managers to the brands of CU*Answers and the people that drive them. In addition, Julie will drive sales, strengthen partnerships, and ensure credit unions can thrive in the areas that are outside of their core competencies.

Scott Collins, EVP National Sales and Marketplace Development says, “Julie is a front-line leader for promoting the CU*Answers business participation and ownership model, rich product/service suite and partner services. Julie is especially gifted in marketing and creating connections. The team will benefit from Julie’s deep-seated passion for credit unions and her influence within the community.” Gessner will be assigned high exposure marketplace development projects including Servicer Edition, brands with non-CU*BASE ties among others.

In addition to her position on the CU*Answers Sales Team, Julie acts as a primary business liaison to Certified CU*BASE Distributors and Certified Execution Partners.