It’s Me 247 Tiered Services Enhanced

With the 11.0 CU*BASE Release, CU*Answers says it has made changes to its Relationship Pricing program which is integrated with the CU*BASE core processing system and online banking platform, It’s Me 247.

Changes include new links within the Tiered Services Points detail to encourage members to “Open an Account,” “Open a Certificate,” and when selected will direct them to the online banking screens which allow them to take action. Other changes include minor verbiage updates as well as making the Tiered Services badge more prominent in Inquiry, Phone Operator and when accessing a member via Teller Processing in CU*BASE.

CU*Answers went on to say that these changes are the beginning of a series of enhancements to Tiered Services. Upcoming changes to include expanded features for expiring reward points (previously referred to as “lifetime” points) and including reward points summary information as part of the member’s regular statement.